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25-08-2021 09:08

I’m sure many of you are following the sad news of what is taking place in Afghanistan.

We are receiving many questions regarding the situation of the hundreds and hundreds of journalists, media workers and their families wanting to leave Afghanistan, and the safety of those who chose to stay. As I suppose that you'll be dealing with the same type of questions, I'd like to share the following immediate elements gathered from the discussions with the global safety alliances and coordination networks to which WAN-IFRA belongs and with which we collaborate

It seems the best way you can help is for you all to lobby your individual government urgently as well as advocacy with countries in the region (Pakistan, India), to grant visas to those wanting to go and put political pressure to help them leave. Money and donations is also needed to get and fund escorts to the airport and to support those who stay - We've been told that some safety advisors in Kabul say they have arrangements with the Taliban to get to the airport, 9,100euros x 68 people, but with no guarantee - The immediate priorities are:
• Helping those at risk who need to get out of the country with their families (visas, safe passage, keep forces at airport).
• Funding (provide pathways for cash to enter, repurpose development budget lines, emergency fund for Afghan journalists).
Several media outlets are compiling their own lists and vetting cases of journalists at risk in need to leave the country. At this point, sharing those lists and compelling a unique list is impossible. The amount of cases is overwhelming. However, we are keen to facilitate coordination as best we can. The Journalists in Distress Group (JID), a coordination mechanism for journalists' assistance and crisis response which operates for more than a decade, seems to be the best place to facilitate this coordination. We kindly request media outlets to share their lists with the JID group via Signal. Please contact JID coordinators via email : [email protected], [email protected]. Lists have been shared with different Governments, although, this doesn't guarantee evacuation. JID also agreed to keep a list of journalists that have reached safety outside Afghanistan, so can be taken out from individual organisations lists.

Do not hesitate to email Cherilyn Ireton, Executive Director World Editors Forum, for more updates on the situation. “
[email protected].
The challenge is huge.
Thanks for your support.

Vincent Peyregne

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